Industri Overview Model

This model has been thought out through analyzing developing markets. This model presents the most essential from a given industry in a very concise manner; or even compare whole sectors, industries or companies. The model presents how the sector, industry or company is performing in present time; using both internal and external factors, market status from both domestic near and distant markets. Further incorporate forecasting and risk analysis.


As there were no available model to cover the needs identified - with high focus on risk assessment - this model has been created to cover these needs; based on existing models and knowledge used in the field of marketing. The Industry Overview model is created based on PESTEL, Porter’s Diamond, SWOT, GE/McKinsey model and further include forecasting and risk assessment.


The IO-Model can present a vast amount of data in a very compressed format. The concluding data for an industry, sector or company(ies) is presented in an easily digested visual manner, which include a matrix and a risk tabel.